Rebuilding South Africa

The pages displayed in this area of the site are loosely based on the American television programme Overhaulin' starring the legendary Chip Foose.
Chip is the modern day Boyd Coddington of customised motoring.

For those of you who don't know who Boyd Coddington was, he is possibly the most renown Hot Rod builder the world over and a legend in his own right.
Boyd was responsible for the development and eventual legitimisation of the Hot Rod as it is known today. Sadly Boyd unexpectedly passed on early in 2009.

Chip's own web site can be found here

As projects are submitted, they will be loaded onto the site and their progress reflected as and when the project owners submit material.
All projects displayed on this page are done by amateurs and have been undertaken by the vehicle owners themselves usually with a little help from their friends and families.

These men have gone through the heartache and hearbreak themselves and in most cases have limited budgets. As a result some of these projects may extend over a period of many years rather than the seven days taken in the television programme.
The work on these projects are not the result of throwing money at a task and having a performance business do the rest.

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