1973 Ford Escort Mk I 1300 DELUXE

This vehicle was purchased in 2006 at a cost of R6000.00 (+- $410.00) in running condtion.
Overall the bodywork appeared to be in very good condition and the motor was relatively quiet although on longer runs, she would tend to run a little hot but nothing alarming.
On the freeway, the propshaft vibrated slightly when approaching the 110km/h (68mph) mark however you could still keep your false teeth in your mouth.
As a daily runabout, she sported 155 x 70 x 13 rubber (probablt from 1986) with genuine chromed hub caps. The sidewalls of the tyres were so perished that the they required inflation at least once a week.

Her motor was still the original 1300 Kent but she lacked the expected torque. Having had a Mk III 1300L, performance was really lacking despite having a banana branch (freeflow) fitted.
She used a little more oil than usual and regularly left oil pools on many driveways when parked for more than a moment.

The interior was relatively neat on the surface and upholstery was a sporty black based cloth with multiple coloured stripes.
Getting behind the wheel however, revealed a dark secret... sitting in either of the front seats resulted in the bottom of the seat touching the floorpan as a result of the tensioner springs being stretched and or broken. During winter and the rainy season, only the toughest and bravest would dare - the heating unit was faulty and the demister for the windshield did not work. The indicator switch also regularly failed to cancel.

After six months of driving her around town, it was decided that she needed the attention she deserved.
Initially the aim was to repair some minor wiring issues and to overhaul the motor. If there were sufficient funds thereafter a new coat of paint would be considered.
After getting down and dirty on her it became apparent that she had suffered some serious body damage and hadn't seen a full service for some time.

Currently she is stripped down competely (and has been for ten years now). Sadly all work has come to a grinding halt because to life's commitments and the struggle in trying to find parts that need replacing. Ah, the pleasures of living in Africa. Granted, I could import parts from around the world but with the value of the South African rand, I may as well buys a brand new car locally.
The suspension rubbers have been replaced with Polyurethane all round and dropped by 40mm (+- 1.5").
Her motor is in pieces, most of the parts so badly worn that they need replcement. The engine block has tiny holes between the cylinders as a result of many years of wear and rust. Given the condition of the motor, a replacement will be required and I'm hoping to find a 1600 motor complete in good condition...but I'll probably find a good set of chicken's teeth first.

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